the four guys from the dooleys' band decided to stay together and form WORLD EXCLUSIVE

spent three years backing another 'stars in their eyes' winner- SAM SORONO - doing uk tours and shows for the filipino tom jones with the amazing voice.

sadly the great sam sorono - the finest singer I ever worked with - passed away sunday december 7th 2008 in rotherham.

arriving in the uk from the phillipines - via hong kong - sam was an extraordinary singer of enormous power and sensitivity.

he was a firm favourite in the clubs and holiday centres of the uk and lately in tenerife.

most known for his appearances as tom jones on "stars in their eyes".
the scene has lost a very great talent.

listen to sam here >>

followed by twelve months with yet another'stars in their eyes' winner...GARY GIBSON and his LENNON project.

ian sudworth:- guitars....now backing the 'legends' show in blackpool.

nigel parrot:- drums.....nigel played on the number one hit for bryan and michael - 'matchstalk men" about lowry.

vincent naylor......see mad jacks

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world exclusive
world exclusive with the dooleys

sam sorono

Sam Sorono 2007

Sam Sorono poster 1996