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a versatile musician's band featuring highly experienced north west players.
live set includes songs by steely dan, joe cocker, andrew gold, joe bonnamassa, boz scaggs and motown standards
video from february 2012

les walker - vocals 2005-2012
sadly, les walker died on december 26th 2012


"I caught Les Walker's new band (well, not that new actually).
They're called International Rescue and play a mix of classic soul tunes, Steely Dan stuff and the occasional rock classic. Their harmonies are amazing, so tight. "Bloody hard work" was the reply I got from Les when asked how did he get that sound.

This is Les' venture following the demise of Snatchin' It Back, and if you expect to hear Snatchin' It Back with different musicians, think again, they're completely different. More in the contemporary rock genre, but Les still gives us the classic 'Vehicle' and '635789' I'm glad to say! Surprise of the evening was Andrew Gold's 'Lonely Boy'. I heard the opening chords and never expected that one!

All of the members of the band are of course highly polished in every way, shape and form, even to the extent of the "Clev" on 'Superstition'. It sounded like a sample from off the original!

October 22nd 2008

martin sharrock- drums and vocals

mike collinge - bass and vocals

duncan sykora - guitar and vocals

christian madden - keyboards


former members


Ian stevens - keyboards

glynn ogden - guitar and vocals
2005 -2008

stephen 'henry' hall - keyboards
2005 -2009