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Taking a cue from his childhood, when he was constantly being told he looked like George Harrison, Bold appeared on the British TV hit “Stars in Their Eyes” as George. His impeccable impression immediately earned him critical acclaim and led to his performing all over the world in multiple Beatles tributes before becoming a founding member of the US based touring production, The Reunion Beatles. 

With “George!” he is taking his passion for the quiet Beatle to a new level. The two hour plus performance is a tour de force that brings audiences to their feet with joy as Bold embodies the essence of Harrison with his virtuoso guitar playing and spot-on vocals. It’s all there, George’s biggest Beatles hits and all of his wonderful post-breakup solo material, including music from his 1980’s supergroup, The Traveling Wilburys. 

Nick Bold’s “George!” is a spirited performance that is as close to what it was like to be at an actual George Harrison concert as you could ever imagine.




Some folks seem to be born to meet their destiny. Mike Collinge was born to play bass guitar. The veteran UK muso first made his mark on the Northern England scene as an original member of the Rochdale based prog rock band Mudanzas. He has been around the world as a touring member of The Drifters, Mad Jacks Travelling Circus, Turner, The Dooleys, Rocket 88 and many, many more. Mike's skills have no genre restrictions. He can be found laying down the groove, wether it's blues, country, funk & soul or classic rock n roll.  

Carl first came into contact with drums at
the age of seven.The Ripponden native
has been behind the kit with
many popular bands and artists
from the region including Guido,
Jake & The Blue Snakes, Crying Shame,
The Bobby Charltons and Sunflowers.
He is known as an "all-in timekeeper"
with a reputationin musician circles
for being one of the steadiest players
to ever put a pair of sticks in his hands.
Carl says his all time favourite
drummer is "Animal" from The Muppets.
Note: They have never been seen in
the same place, at the same time.

  Helen is a fan of gnomes. She has a vast collection and 4 of them are Beatles. Gnomes and Beatles are very important in Helen's life . So much that her daily routine is a sing along with the gnomes to Beatles songs. Gnomwegian wood
is her favourite.
Helen is a valued member of 'George! The concert' as she has her own Tambourine. 
She also combines her love of potatoes, turnips and the music of The Beatles with her friend in their band 'Beatroots'

set includes:

I want to tell you
Old brown shoe
I me mine
Handle with care
If i needed someone
Blow away
Roll Over Beethoven
All those years ago
I need you
What is life
When we was fab
Love you to/ within you
Here comes the sun
Give me love
If not for you
For you blue
It don't come easy
Wah wah
I got my mind set on you
While my guitar gently weeps
My sweet lord
Everyobodiy's Trying to be my baby
Its all too much

Ripponden March 2020 Ripponden March 2020

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